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Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. omazing coverage. >> looking down my sleeves. hey, listen. we got news off the field. joe girardi's father passed away from alzheimer's. he was a little broken up today. the orioles lineup will be the same as last night. buck is not making changes. derek jeter will not stop at short stop. he will be the designated hit are. he won't be playing a playoff game in the field. the last time that happened. tony fernandez was selected by buck showalter. let's take a look at the game last night. miguel gonzalez on the hill. seven innings pitch. he was brilliant in keeping them off balance. ryan flaherty had the big hit, putting the orioles ahead 1-0. then it was manny machado. three rooks about to beat the kings. a rod pinch hit. then the tying home run. bottom of the 12th, the game winning home run, first time that's ever been done in baseball history. and ties it and wins it, two pitches he saw last night. that's it. broke our heart. our stomach is repaired. >> the yankees have been successful in attacking the orioles greatest strength. that could be a problem going foompletd you have -- forward.
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
a-rod was benched? >> joe is going to do what he thinks is best for his team, he knows his people get better than anybody else. it's a good option for him on the bench. just like chavez on the bench. >> reporter: that's buck. we were talking to cal ripken earlier, we said have you ever been benched. he said 81, he was sitting on the bench and said i'm not going to do this again. >> he said that inspired him to do the streak, he didn't like that feeling. >> reporter: inside yankee stadium, a couple of minutes ago as both teams were getting set for the 5:07 first pitch. on the field, you can sense it, one team is tight, the other is loose. it's the a-rod lightning rod. a-rod benched tonight, nobody would hit him grounders. jeters is ready. orioles are calm, easy, having fun, like they are going to get root beer floats. he hits one out and almost hits hoke. play the game. yankees orioles, series tied at two, season series tied at 11, first 1-12 wins, wins. they say they can't imagine what the city is going to be like when they return from detroit. one week ago tonight i was standing
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2